The Virgo Woman    

The Virgo Woman

Symbol: The Virgin

August 24 TO September 22.

Slogan: I Serve, Therefore I am.


In the main, most Virgo women are very hardworking and diligent girls.

Their work and vocation are extremely important to them and by nature they are always searching for new avenues in order to improve their position in life

The sign of Virgo provides a person with many skills with which to successfully meet life’s challenges.

The Virgo girl has an extremely ever active mind that, at times can prevent her from relaxing or indeed, being able to fall asleep.

In keeping with her Gemini counterparts, the sign of Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, referred to as the mental planet.

The Virgo girl is gifted with an extremely analytical mind and this can give her a somewhat critical outlook and attitude about life. 

This quality can present some problems at time as she can be far too “Fault Finding” both with herself and with others.

The Virgo woman can just as easily discover a hole in your judgment or logic as she can spot one in your sock! 

The wise Virgo woman however, is far more aware of abundance rather than lack of it, of opportunity rather than restriction, and how to generate improvement rather than create dissension.

The sign Virgo rules the digestive system and, the Virgo girl can be extremely choosy about what and how she eats

Her Diet, Food, and health are very important to the Virgo woman and, since the Virgo’s stomach and intestines are particularly sensitive, she should never eat meals at a time when she might be emotionally upset.

While the wise and mature Virgo woman is highly discerning about just everything in life, the immature Virgin can rank among the most wasteful and self-indulgent of women.


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Although the sign of Virgo relates to the time of harvest and is therefore naturally oriented to the concept of material surplus, many Virgos tend to believe that they are closer to the chasm of destitution than to the horn of plenty.

Major life concerns for the Virgo girl tend to center on her vocation and her money.

What follows is an ancient secret truth that if mastered by the Virgo woman will lead her to total financial security—”Energy follows thought.”

The Virgo woman must to learn how to master her own mind in order that she can program her own prosperity and not detract from it.


The Virgo woman relates very well with a partner who has a strong personal plan and, who intends to get ahead and succeed in life.

She cannot abide and will not tolerate lazy and shiftless people, and irrespective of how sexually attracted she may be to someone; she will not remain in any relationship for too long with any person who has little economic or social potential for success.

The Virgo woman can be very fastidious as to with whom she relates  and would prefer to go out with friends or, even stay home to work on one of her numerous projects, than to go out with person that she considers unworthy.

The Virgo woman tends to be faithful in marriage, will be very supportive and very much a wonderful friend throughout.

Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus are signs that relate very well with Virgo. On a lesser scale Aquarius, Aries, Libra and Leo formulate good friendships.

Those of signs Sagittarius and Pisces can prove difficult, as can Gemini and other Virgos at times.


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